Vibration Testing Equipment


At Team Corporation, we offer a wide range of solutions to address your vibration test system requirements. Our precision vibration test systems and components enable results with a higher level of accuracy and empower you to develop more durable products. Our proven components equip you for highly effective testing and evaluation, from quality control to pinpointing potential performance issues.

From aerospace to petrochemical to independent environmental testing, we meet the needs of many different industries with our trusted test systems. Whatever your requirements… whether it’s to ensure a product or system can withstand routine vibration, extreme seismic events, or meeting industry-specific test specifications, Team Corporation can partner with you to create the right solutions.

Vibration Testing Equipment Applications

Whether you’re testing the durability of a mobile phone’s components or an aircraft engine, you need to ensure critical products and parts can withstand environmental vibrations. Some vital requirements you’ll need to meet within your industry may measure the components’ overall durability, performance, and safety when exposed to vibratory conditions.

Key applications include:

  • Durability testing.
  • Safety compliance testing.
  • Quality assurance testing.
  • Pre-production and post-production testing.

Vibration Test Systems

Our vibration test systems help ensure your product meets high standards for integrity and reliability. We offer a range of products to address a wide variety of vibration testing needs, from single and multi-axis to acoustic sound generation. We can help identify and design the custom vibration test solutions required for your applications.


Choose Team Corporation to Design and Build your next Vibration Test System

At Team Corporation, our priority is to deliver world-class vibration test systems that exceed your expectations. Our proven solutions are in use around the world by leaders in defense, aerospace, automotive, and many more industries.

Contact us today with your vibration testing requirements.


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